Diamond Replicas
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Kryptonite Ring
In 2013 a group of Mexican migrants found what looked like jellyfish on a remote rock outcrop. It turned out to be this hyalite opal. It is so highly fluorescent that, when lit, it glows from across the room

Opal Ring

Paraiba Ring
Architects and jewelers share the same design software. So here I took a building, the Bird’s Nest from the Chinese 2008 Olympics, as design inspiration to make this 13.03 carat Paraiba Tourmaline ring
Spessartite Ring
Amethyst Klimt Ring
This ring uses a sliver of Gustav Klimt’s “Fulfilment” painting as its ring shank. Amethyst faceted by me
These diamond rings take tree trunks from a Van Gogh painting for their shanks. The tree’s growth rings are seen on the prong ends

Pearl Ring

Eros Rose Diamond Rings

Kitchen Sink Ring
Like a kitchen sink, the ring has everything in it: diamonds, phosphorescent diamonds, emeralds, zircons, “red emeralds”, spinels, sapphires, pearls, tourmalines, tsavorites and meteoritic peridots from pallasite meteorites

Faceted Amethyst
This is me thinking about crystals to design gems by thinking of architects thinking about crystals to design buildings and then faceting a gem based on those thoughts

Faceted Citrine
If I ever travel into space for any length of time I want to take this Citrine I faceted as the souvenir of our planet

One winter when there was a particularly deep snowfall in Florence the Medici asked Michelangelo to design and build a snow sculpture. I think of this Topaz faceted by me as a “ball joint” in that sculpture. It is also an architectural model for the central piazza of Michelangelo's Campidoglio or Capitoline Hill. It was here the she wolf nursed Romulus and Remus in the founding of Rome

White Tavernier
This is the version of the White Tavernier replica prior to the application of its precious metal nano dot physical vapor process coating to make it blue

Watermelon Tourmaline Brooch

Pearl Pods

Hope Diamond Tattoos
These tattoos were given to the first one thousand guests at the opening of the renovated Smithsonian Gem and Mineral Hall. The tattoos were also used as a "Crackerjack" insert in Hope Diamond Chocolates

Opal Earrings

Gold Body Gems
Pure gold

Gold body gems are pure gold temporary tattoos often lasered in the pattern of famous diamonds. They work beautifully on chocolate, on walls as a specialized faux finish and as shown here—skin. I like the idea of gems that not only move with the skin, but move as skin. Stretch as skin.

Heart Pearl
Keshi pearl necklace with 18 kt white gold and hair.

As a talisman, it is perfect for a woman to have this pearl heart beating over her own

Amethyst, sapphire and egg shell
My friend Ben asked me to create an heirloom for his wife and their two young daughters. The resulting ChartGem is made up of symbols representing their family. I chose birthstones of the parents, amethyst and sapphire, and used them for the materials of the ChartGem.
The faceting design of the ChartGem is based on the star charts of the two daughters. Star Charts are generated by recording the minute a person is born along with the longitude and latitude where they are born. From this an astrologist can discern what is happening between the planets, the heavens, from that place in time.
Once a star chart is generated, one can predict portions or proclivities of a person’s life. The ChartGem is therefore encoded. I like to use a fictional example that from the ChartGem an astrologist may discern that the younger daughter, Anita, will grow up and discover new varieties of arachnids in the Amazon.
A goal of the ChartGem was to create a gem that was made for my client and no one else. Additionally I wanted to provide a jewel for Ben to give to Audrey with a specific function. I believe that at their core gems are vessels perfectly designed to contain meaning. We store our emotions in jewels.
We project our sentiments into them to turn over, mull over, as we turn over the jewels themselves. I envision Audrey—when Rebecca gets her driver’s license, when Rebecca goes off to college, when Anita goes to the Amazon—taking her gem and turning it over and over as she turns her thoughts. The ChartGem is a gem of projections. It is a crystal ball of comfort.
Moldavite and Pearl Pin

Patiala Necklace
Cartier’s Patiala Necklace dates to 1928. It is the most extravagant necklace the jewelry house ever created. Amongst other diamonds and rubies it is set with the DeBeers Diamond weighing 234.6 carats. Eric Nussbaum, the head of the Cartier Archives, commissioned me to replace the missing gems with copies when the necklace was renovated