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Eros Rose Diamonds
Cherry Blossom Diamond
1.94 carat Fancy Red diamond
Eros Rose Diamond Engagement Ring

I had never been to Montauk, but one midsummer weekend River took me there.  Mostly I thought it was to meet his parents, but down on the beach he also proposed.  We had just been looking at the waves, the sand and then he was lost staring at the wild roses at the edge of the dunes.  Then he asked me and I said yes. We gathered some of the roses and later put them on our nighttable.  Somehow, I don’t quite know how, he had those roses made into my diamond.  And I tell you, every time I look into my diamond ring I can recall each memory, every detail, every petal of that moment.

Cherry Blossom Huppah Anniversary Diamond

Azalea Heirloom Diamond